How to Build the Best Internet Business and Earn More Money – 4 Essential Secrets

Understanding how to build the best internet business and dominate your niche is essential whether you have a traditional small business or an online home based business.

Carving out your unique offering within any niche is a huge part of becoming successful online. If you want to earn more money, you must learn how to establish yourself as an expert and brand yourself across the internet. These essential secrets of how to build an internet business are known by all the top marketers in the industry and I’m willing to share them with you.

Marketing online requires good education. Not just technical knowledge of how the internet works or how to use certain tools, but social education. After all, you are marketing to real life people, not credit cards so to speak.

Learning how to become a skilled internet marketer can take time, years sometimes. Many people do even worse than break even, they lose masses of money trying to find the magic bullet, the shiny new system that will make money without having to work hard.

Let me tell you now, if anyone offers you that, run a mile – it’s either hype or a scam and you will lose hard earned cash. Believe me, I’ve tried all kinds, even worked with the best internet business gurus, and none are a substitute for doing things the way I’m going to explain to you.

Follow these four secrets and you will have the makings of a solid foundation for the best internet business and know how to dominate any niche you want and earn more money than 99% of marketers out there.

The absolute best internet business is one that earns you big commissions not after years of building a team, but on the front end, like mine does – for more information see the resource box at the end of this article and follow the link in there. OK, so here are the four essential secrets…

1. Understand & build your own profile

Before you can begin to research your niche market, you need to consider yourself within it. After all, you joined the business you’re in, didn’t you. You probably like the products or services you sell, too. Map out your own profile, who you are, what your background is and what you are trying to achieve with your business. Always best to start marketing to like-minded people who you can resonate well with.

Your ‘why’ may be surprisingly similar to other people and you will attract individuals who can relate to your story and your vision of the lifestyle you want to achieve with your online business.

How people perceive you is important here too. The internet is so full of hype and scams, it is a breathe of fresh air to people to see someone ‘ordinary’ talking from the heart in an authentic sense (whether through articles, videos or blogs and photos).

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the crowd through your specific approach or expertise, or how you help people, so you promote yourself as a leader. Your uniqueness is what will grow you a strong following or fan base, as your reputation becomes established. Build your brand around who you are as a person, your values, your passion, your integrity and this will have a huge impact on the people you want to do business with.

2. Know your trade & how to sell it

It’s important to know what you are selling, how to sell it and who you are selling to. These are very different skills in marketing. First one, is obvious. The more you know and understand and have a passion maybe for your product or business, the more valuable you are to other people taking a look.

If you’re like me, you’ll always buy from the store that took the time to explain the features and benefits of the product you are looking at buying and who were knowledgeable about it. However, you also need to be able to tell something in 10 seconds what your business is about, to be very clear and to grab their interest.

When you are ‘selling’ you really are ‘connecting’ with people.

In order to establish how your product can match what someone wants or needs, you must (a) find out what they want or need by asking questions on a practical and emotional level, and (b) explain the features and benefits in relation to that person’s requirements and be clear how your product or business provides the best solution.

People like to buy, they don’t like to be sold. So in connecting with them you are able to reach the heart of their ‘problem’, understand what will motivate them to buy, and then you can make a good offer to prompt the buying process. If you tie this in with your personal brand and profile, you can see how armed with this understanding of your prospects needs goes even further to give value and builds more trust.

Promotion is king. The more people know about you, the more you will sell. You need to generate a steady flow of high quality leads into your business and follow up with them in order to make sales.

3. Work on yourself not just on your business

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and this is what most online entrepreneurs will focus on when developing their skills. Certainly, if you don’t get people to take a look at what you offer, you’re dead in the water.

On the internet, the opportunities to promote are endless and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture chasing the next shiny marketing technique. By all means, use every tool at your disposal but get good at 2-3 specific internet marketing methods and make these core to your strategy.

Then go to work on developing yourself – to exploit secrets 1 & 2 even more. Leverage your own strengths and expertise – things you do well and do quickly – and outsource what you do less well or poorly, especially administrative stuff or technical developments. These can cost surprisingly little to have done by a virtual assistant or web team and save you enormous amounts of time.

Tap into automated tools and systems as much as possible. Successful internet businesses run much of their prospecting on autopilot, filtering, sifting, sorting, so they only spend time following up with the most serious people. Gone are the days of dialing for dollars… it’s just not cost-effective use of your time.

Good use of your time is to spend at least one hour a day on your own personal development, whether it’s physical, intellectual, organizational, emotional or spiritual.

A positive mind and healthy body increase your chances of success in ways most people never realize. But one thing is certain: if your mindset sucks and your body is tired, failure is almost guaranteed.

4. Take action!

Having said all that, it is not enough that you do all of the above. One key element is somewhat buried so far. You must take action!!!

If you want the single most important secret for how to build the best internet business, dominate your niche and earn more money… it is taking consistent action every day towards achieving your goal.

Stop chasing every new shiny toy that pops up on your radar. Setting targets, learning new tools and techniques, and making plans are only useful if you follow through and with consistent activity.

Don’t give up if it doesn’t work and generate hundreds of leads in a matter of days. Some things take time to build up in your ‘pipeline’. For massive wealth, you need to take massive action and discipline yourself to do it consistently starting today.